Ethernet driver for STM32F4Discovery with STF4BB

Hi there,

I’m new to RIOT-OS and want to write an Ethernet driver for the STM32F4Discovery Board with the STF4BB-Extension.

I have some questions how to integrate the driver in the OS and I hope I understand the structure of the Project correct.

1.I have seen, that there is an abstraction layer between the OSI-Layer 2 and OSI-Layer 3 in “RIOT/sys/net/include/net_if.h”. I think this is what I have to use for the driver.

2.The real driver is to implement in “RIOT/driver/netdev” and “RIOT/driver/STM32F4/…”. Is this true?

3.And have I to write in the “RIOT/sys/transceiver/transceiver.c” the interface for the driver implementet in “RIOT/driver/STM32F4/..”?

4.Last question so far. In the folder “RIOT/sys/net/link_layer” is the IEEE 802.15.4 folder with a C-file for the frame. The question is: is it right to make in the link_layer directory a new folder for Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) and a new C-file with the Ethernet Frame?

Can anyone tell me if my acceptation is right or what I have to do for the Ethernet driver.


Mirco Lammert