Enjoy the Summit for whoever could join


It is a pity I will have full-day class on 5 & 6 otherwise I’d love to join the summit and meet people. Maybe next time!

For whoever could join have fun !!


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Intentionally hijacking your thread into a social thread… After some troubles with planes, planes and trains. I will arrive in an hour, settle into the CAB20 and probably be refreshed and ready for beer by 18:00. I’m on wire, whatsapp, telegram, signal… My +1 number is on my web page. I’ll find a place for my +49 number there too.

We will also arrive in around 45 minutes, maybe in the same train as @mcr even :laughing: (ICE800 to Hamburg).

We’d love to join for something to eat in the evening but probably won’t stay for the late night beers as we have to be up early again for the tutorial tomorrow morning.

I can be reached via this thread and via Matrix, Signal and Telegram.

I arrived via Bremen, from the west… I am at CAB20. I need to find the shower, and change, happy to meet at 7pm ish.

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We’re heading to Hofbräu Speersort for the evening, feel free to join up if you’re around (and in need of something to drink).