Energy Consumption Measurment


I'm planning to do some experiments using RIOT OS on TelosB. I'm not familiar with none of them, my goal is to implement real-time scheduling algorithms while taking into account the energy consumption of real-time tasks.

I'm wondering if it is possible to measure easily the energy consumption of a task ?

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Yasmina Abdeddaïm,

Hi Yasmina,

I'm sorry to say but it is currently not that easy. I've never worked with the TelosB but google told me there is a battery pack. You could de-solder that and use a measurement resistor as a shunt to figure out the current. Viewing the current graph on a scope will show you the active time of your operations (you could toggle LEDs before and after your operations to make sure you see the right interval).

If you are flexible in the boards choice you could either switch to the iotlab-m3 board. The units of the iot-lab testbed [1] are equipped with a measurement unit that will record the power consumption over the experimentg time. You can download the dataset after the experiment finished. But be critical about of the accuracy of these results (especially between different nodes).

Best, Peter



Yes. It depends on the processor though. On processors that are purely oscillator driven there’s no increase in power consumption.

On way, might be to take 10x, 50x, 100x of your device and then put them on a current measuring device then send them an instruction to start the task.

Then see what happens to power consumption.