Enable CORS on Murdock


I wanted to write a script to compare two murdock build size output and thought, why not writing it in javascript so it could be rendered from a github page or something even sharing a link calculating the results.

While trying to write a webpage using Javascript downloading two Murdock 'size.json' we faced the issue that it could not download the file from murdock as it does not allow Cross-origin resource sharing[1].

Is it be possible to enable it for all domains ? At least for 'get'

1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-origin_resource_sharing

I have no idea how or where it should be done though.

Thanks, in advance.

Cheers, Gaƫtan

To explain why I need it.

I currently worked with the Juan to develop this size comparison page. It currently requires a CORS enabling extension like:


If you have the extension, you can get a summary of the size difference between two builds:


There is also a per column sort function but it looks like it is currently doing a string comparison.