Emulating RIOT in QEMU BBC microbit board

I am trying to emulate RIOT OS on QEMU “BBC mirobit” board. I have compiled the default hello-world application for the “microbit” board with the EMULATE option. I am unable to run the elf file in QEMU.I am unable to perform the steps mentioned in the documentation: “The QEMU emulated serial port is exposed on a local Unix socket, redirected to a local PTY file (using [socat]). This makes it possible to open the PTY file in a regular serial port.” I would be very grateful if any help can be provided.


once you compile your binary, BOARD=microbit EMULATE=1 make term should work. Mind you that the terminal starts up a bit slow, so e.g., the output of examples/hello-world is being eaten. And binaries that access the radio might not work. Try tests/shell, once the terminal started up, hit enter to get the shell prompt.

Thanks it’s running right now but the output of hello world is not displayed like you said. I’ll try going through the tests/shell documentation.

You can bypass RIOT’s QEMU integration and start QEMU manually, like this:

qemu-system-arm -machine microbit -nographic -serial mon:stdio -semihosting-config enable=on,target=native -kernel /home/kaspar/src/riot/examples/hello-world/bin/microbit/hello-world.elf

That way the hello-world output gets printed.

Yes the output is displayed on the terminal now. Thank you for the help and quick reply.