ELL-i coop coming to Berlin to meet Riot-OS

Hi all

We at [ELL-i open source cooperative][1] have been thinking about meeting Riot-OS team in person. We have identified 23.9. - 25.9. tuesday to thursday as ideal for us. It is far enough in future for arrangements to be made and flights are still quite cheap if we reach early agreement on this.

Anyway the agenda could be something like this: - discussing business models for open source ecosystems - demonstrating Riot-OS for ELL-i - demonstrating ELL-i for Riot-OS - possibly a Hack-n-ACK event? - general all-around-hacking - possibly visiting a local hackerspace - socialising and beer

Does this make any kind of sense? The whole visit need not be very formal at all but as Finland isn't really next door to Germany, we'd like to have a proper multiday visit.

For now our visitor team would be Pekka Nikander and yours truly.

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  [1]: http://ell-i.org/

Hi Teemu,

we are looking forward to meeting you guys and discussing + hacking as you propose.

However, 23.9. - 25.9. are severely suboptimal dates for us. A significant subset of key RIOT guys in Berlin are going to be in… Paris for other meetings, and attending a conference (ACM ICN 2014, where we are presenting this paper that you might be interested in, actually: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1406.6608v2.pdf).

Would it make sense for you to consider the week after that i.e., 29.9. - 03.10 for instance? Else let’s identify other dates around that which could work both for most of us and for you.



Hi all

Lets see the week after Paris then. It is okay for us and we’ll look flights etc more closely and will follow up on this early next week.

I propose a three day visit with us appearing on the morning of first day and leaving after supper on third day. That’d have us just two nights away from home, which helps keep family situations in control.

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Hi Teemu

Hi all

We will arrive to Tegel airport on tuesday evenish 30.9.2014 19:35 with flight 8313,Z and are leaving friday 3.10.2014, Pekka earlier and I’ll be leaving after dinner time.

See you soon :slight_smile:

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