Edited topics are not sent via email

seems that topics that are edited are not sent via email. i received only the following for CI speed goal, how fast should it be?

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 12:17:42 +0200
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Subject: [RIOT] [Development/Continuous Integration] CI speed goal, how fast should it be?
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Kaspar [forum.riot-os.org] Maintainer
23 September
      [52_2.png] cgundogan:

      A very helpful feature would be to detect which tests/apps actually need to be



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Hi @waehlisch

Unfortunately I can’t determine from your described observation whether you have an issue here and how you would like it to be solved. Could you please clarify a bit here? Mainly:

  • Does the observed behavior cause an issue for you? If so:
  • What kind of behavior do you expect here?


it causes an issue. i expect that i get notified via email when a topic was edited. the email should include the new content.

The delay for sending out emails is now configured at 5 minutes. Edits are allowed up to 4 minutes after the submission of the post.