edbg build failure in Vagrant VM due to missing libudev-devpackage + problems flashing Atmel samr21-xpro board

Hey all,

Hello Kaspar,

I am working on it. The process of building such an image is described in [1]. I will also do the publishing to Hashicorp [2] (needs authentication).

Cheers, Cenk

[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/tree/master/dist/tools/packer [2] https://atlas.hashicorp.com/RIOT/boxes/ubuntu1604


I updated the vagrant image. @Adrian can you test again? You probably need a `vagrant destroy` first to clear the local vagrant cache.

BTW: edbg for samr21-xpro does not work for me (neither on my host, nor on the guest system). Is this supposed to work? edbg throws:

Debugger: ATMEL EDBG CMSIS-DAP ATML2127031800008213 01.1A.00FB (S)
Error: unknown target device (DSU_DID = 0x10010319)

Looking at the code of edbg [1] I cannot find a definition of the above target id. With which board was edbg tested? @Hauke @Kasper?

Cheers, Cenk

[1] https://github.com/ataradov/edbg/blob/master/target_atmel_cm0p.c


should be fixed when is merged. Best regards, Martin

Hey Martin,

Unfortunately, I keep getting an error about a missing libudev.h even after pulling all the latest changes to the repo and destroying the Vagrant box.



Hello Adrian,

you are right---a `vagrant destroy` does not remove a currently available box. Please use `vagrant box remove RIOT/ubuntu1604` and afterwards `vagrant up`. This should re-download the new box including libudev-dev.

Cheers, Cenk

Hello Cenk,

I can confirm that this does indeed work now. Thank you very much.

Best, Adrian