Driver for the at86rf215

Hello fellow developers,

I am targeting this question to developers here first before opening any issues. We are looking to implement a driver for the at86rf215. The challenge here is, that we cannot fit it into the existing at86rf2xx driver for a simple reason: It has two interfaces for Sub-Ghz and 2.4Ghz communication, but shares a single interrupt pin. My idea was to have a single device, which has multiple communication interfaces. From what I've seen and researched about netdev, this is not possible, as a netdev has a driver, which consists of the callbacks, including the isr handler.

The Idea would then be to have a meta device for the interrupt handling and then calling the actual isr for the radio that the interrupt was ment for. Any one having a similar problem or any ideas how to solve this issue?

Best Regards Robert

Hi Robert,

Note there's already a PR for this radio [1]. It's using 2 `netdev_ieee802154` for handling each radio.

Maybe you can sync there and contribute with feedback and testing.

Best, José


Hi José, hrmpf. Should've looked again into the list of PRs, was a while ago :wink: Will contribute with reviewing and testing. Regards Robert

Hi Robert,

No Problem! Good that you asked before so there weren't duplicated attempts :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, José


More questions on this topic... are there any PR pending for the radio integrated in the AtMega128rfa1 and AtMega256rfr2? Very much the same but not over SPI.

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Kind regards, Marian

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I'll take a look and try it out.

Thanks          --ro