Documentation: Syntax of the ifconfig command with example

Hello everybody, today I tried to find out how I can set an IPv6 address for the network interface. In all examples and readme's you can read how to show the settings for the network interface, but I can't find any example how an IP address is set for a given interface. I tried several styles of setting an address and the only thing I got was "syntax error". I took a look to ifconfig in Linux but the syntax here seems different. Please give me just one example like "ifconfig 7 set addr_long ......" that works.

Thank you very much! Best regards, Bernhard

Hello Bernhard,

`ifconfig help` will give you a list of sub-commands and a description of the syntax.

To add an IPv6 address you can write `ifconfig 6 add abcd::1` Replace 6 with the desired interface id.

I hope that helps!

Best, Cenk