Display recommendation

Dear reporting IOTlers,

for a private project at home I would like to display some simple ASCII information from a RIOT powered device. I know that there are a couple of device drivers and the U8G2 package available, but it would be great if anyone has concrete recommendation for a display to use. I would like to display some simple (room) climate information, simple reminders or maybe a simple text message. Nothing fancy.

Cheers Oleg

@aabadie added a couple of display drivers recently and seems to be the most active maintainer of lvgl. Maybe he can recommend something?

Note that for text only there are LCDs that can only show text, but have the advantage that you do not need to care about fonts etc. But honestly: IMO you should go for a fancy screen instead. Those text only displays can print only two or three lines. It is enough to print a temperature, humidity and pressure valua including units, but not enough one complete German word (e.g. “Schifffahrtsgesellschafsversicherungsfachverkäuferin”). And having some clear icons to more quickly graps information even when tired and exhausted from a long hacking night is nice as well.


When was the last time you had to show “Schifffahrtsgesellschafsversicherungsfachverkäuferin” on an LCD in the context of an embedded project?

Never. There worst case I have is showing a combined status / error message. Something like "Kritischer Fehler: Aschebox zu lange offen, beziehungsweise entfernt." is e.g. plausible for wood basted heating systems. That’s difficult to get printed on a ascii only LCD.

To be honest: I just discovered yesterday that I still have the Microbit which was attached to my PhD hat and I’m no considering to use this…