Disable 6LoWPAN


I am using the « gnrc_example » to communicate via Xbee modules (Zigbee). I would like to know, is there a way to disable the 6LoWPAN? It’s not relevant for Zigbee communication but the Makefile contains ‘’’ # NOTE: 6LoWPAN will be included if IEEE802.15.4 devices are present ‘’’. Is it by any chance possible to remove it with CFLAGS or any other means?

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Hi Clement,

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If you are using some external Zigbee implementation, don’t use GNRC but access the device via the netdev API directly. GNRC only provides IPv6- and ICN-based traffic (the latter via CCNlite) to date, so it won’t help you for Zigbee.

However, for IPv6 traffic 6LoWPAN is required, as it enables IEEE 802.15.4 for the requirements you need. If you really want to use IPv6 without 6LoWPAN, that is possible with GNRC, I have to look up the config of USEMODULE myself though, so let me know if that is what you want.

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Hi Martine,

I’m using a slightly modified version of the already existing xbee driver that is using GNRC. My module is a xbee S2C so I adapted it to the new API but it’s basically the same behavior. I will try using it without GNRC. Thank you for your quick response.

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