Device ID feature in RIOT

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to know if there was already a feature to determine a mote's unique ID (when available) in RIOT.

Such a feature can be highly desirable when running a test on many devices (I think about IoT-LAB testbed, for example), to automatically assign/compute node addresses, or seed RNGs with numbers really specific to each device.

If there is none, I can provide the one I have just built for my ongoing tests on IoT-LAB M3 motes: other users could then implement it for other motes later...


Hi Kevin


I've just made a branch with this.

I'll PR it, so everyone can see what I mean.

And indeed, I think it's related to #3221, since it would be way to have a seed (hopefully) unique for every mote/device.


There: PR #3223.

Hi Kevin,

I think we had that discussion before, have a look at the CPUID peripheral driver as well as this PR [1]. I also commented this into the your PR..

Cheers, Hauke