Device driver needed for ADS7843E - XPT2046 resistive touch-pad controllers

I need RIOT device driver for ADS7843E, XPT2046 resistive touch screen controllers.

I want to add a touch-pad to esp32-wrover-kit. I could find a 3,2" touch pad for this purpose but it is a 4 wire resistive touch pad, I bought it together with widely available ADS7843E controller which is also compatible with XPT2046. I want to use this setup with RIOT but as far as I could see RIOT has only stmpe811 driver for resistive touch pads. I want to use ADS7843E or XPT2046 because these controllers are videly available while stmpe811 is not that easily available. Furthermore I designed an adapter board for ADS7843E.

Therefore before attempting writing my own device driver for ADS7843E I would like to ask your opinions on my requirement. What do RIOT fellows recommend to me.

Regards, Murat

You probably want to implement the Touch Device API. Currently there is only a single touch driver: stmpe811 It should serve as a good example.

As always, if there is only a single implementation of an API, there is always the tendency that the API was too device specific and needs to be generalized. If this turns out to be the case, don’t be afraid to raise the issue and propose an improvement there - that’s why this API is still marked experimental :slight_smile:

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the hint and guidance. I’ll be on travel for a couple of weeks however I’ll try to do something as per your recommendations in my spare time.

Regards, Murat