Development status for SAM XR21


We are looking to develop on RIOT and need to know if somebody is working on :

  • DTLS with CoAP

  • OTA (Over The Air firmware upgrade) with dynamic ELF files

  • Router border with Ethernet media

Thanks for any answer

We are not currently, but intend to start work on the first two issues (or similar) in the first quarter of next year.


Hi everyone,

support for Ethernet is partly on the way. I have implemented (but not yet tested) a driver for the popular ENC18j60 ethernet module [1]. So if anyone is interested in testing this, I would be greatly happy!

Cheers, Hauke


I've been looking into these and learning them at home - they appear to be a really easy entry-level-device for serial-wifi.

What would be a driver-source-file that could be adapted from the existing riot-source-core to use as a base?

Any interesting in adding this ?



This reminds me… I was wondering, would it be possible to host more than one wireless interface on a theoretical RIOT border router? I was thinking about the possibility of a single boarder router with both 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz radios on it.

Another thing I was thinking was a wireless coordinator (no wired ethernet, wifi, or what have you) with multiple radios in the various bands to allow communication between devices in different portions of the spectrum. This would allow for a network that physically looks contiguous instead of having to have two disparate wireless networks that are required to communicate via a border router or maybe even a classic Linux/BSD router.

Thanks, Adam

Hi Adam, Yes, our goal is to also easily accommodate multiple wireless interfaces on a RIOT device. Best, Emmanuel