devel Digest, Vol 41, Issue 7


Thanks Martine, as suggested i used the RADVD tool and the raspberry assigned global addresses to all my RIOT nodes. However, when i try to perform a coap request from the raspberry, it gives me back the error :

root@raspberrypi:/# coap-client -m GET coap://[fd00:1:2:3:584a:1056:7cd8:1aa2]/.well-known/core

v:1 t:CON c:GET i:e6f3 {}

Jul 07 11:32:45 CRIT coap_send_impl: Network is unreachable

Hi Alessandro, since I currently don't have a OpenMote or similar radio, I sadly don't have a way to test your set-up (maybe someone else is able to help?), but last time I tested it with `gnrc_border_router` as a BR it was working. Have you tried this set-up already?

Cheers, Martine