Deprecation of oonf_api


I propose to deprecate the oonf_api package [1]. The package provides a framework to implement MANET protocols and is used by the NHDP implementation. This one however is also marked as deprecated and is scheduled to be removed after the 2020.04 release.

The package has not been updated in the 6 years since I added it, it still points to version 0.3.0 from 2013. And while the tests have been ported to RIOT, they were never integrated into CI.

This all indicates that the package doesn't have any users, so instead of bringing it up to date with the current times, we might as well just remove it.

If this is not the case and you still have use for this package, please speak up!

Best regards,



Dear RIOTers,

I got a question regarding the modification of linker script in order to configure SRAM usage of a STM32 Nucleo-64 L476RG board.

I got a program which is nearly 128 KB size due to some larger statically defined arrays. It runs fine on a Nucleo-64 F446RE board, but not on a L476RG due to the RAM split ins SRAM1 (96K) and SRAM2 (32K).

The program needs to run on a L476RG because LoRa does not work properly on a F446RE.

Due to some posts in [1], [2], [3] I understand it is possible to use the other 32K, too.

Can anyone please explain to me how I can modify the linker script in order for the compiler to include SRAM2 to the program? Unfortunately I haven't found the right place and way in RIOT OS to do so and I need to get to run the program quite soon due to a tightly set deadline.

Thank you helping out.