Data reception with the sx1276 chip and b-l072z-lrwan1 board


I am trying to make 2 cards communicate in LoRa by following the procedure described in the doc Netdev - Network Device Driver API I can send data but I cannot get the NETDEV_EVENT_RX_COMPLETE event to be able to read the data received.

To summarize my situation, I initialized the sx1276 chip to the following functions:

  • sx127x_setup(dev, &sx127x_params[0], 0)
  • sx127x_init(dev)
  • sx127x_init_radio_settings(dev)

Once the chip initialization is complete, I set my event handler via (event_callback being my function):

  • dev.netdev.event_callback = event_callback

Then I set my chip in RX via:

  • sx127x_set_rx(&dev)

Then with another card which has the same initialization I send messages using:

 char * message = "Hello World";
 iolist_t list = {
 .iol_next = NULL,
 .iol_base = message,
 .iol_len = strlen(message)};

 dev->driver->send(dev, &list);

(I manage to cause TX_TIMEOUT events if necessary and the debug shows me although the sending was successful)

Thanks in advance