I’m currently working in the area Data confidentiality on the Internet of Things and I have problems on simulation tools. I wonder if there is a simulation tools i can use it for that security mechanism. Key-words: IoT, security, Data confidentiality, Privacy, attacks

Thank you in advance RIOT .

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Hi Otmane

welcome to RIOT. Two options you could consider: either look at what simulators people use in the domain you target (data confidentiality), or actually use an emulator such as RIOT native [1] [2] which lets you run one or more RIOT instances as Linux processes, that can communicate with one another via tap interface + ethernet emulator.



[1] [2]


now i use RIOT native for simulation IoT attacks , due to Emmanuel of Riot i want thank him for his suggestion. I tried to get out by results of simulations but I found alot of contraintes :

goals :

  • simulation of IoT attacks: e.g DoS,Privacy or Impersonation attacks.
  • i want focus on WSN and RFID technologies.


  • I’m new to Riot Native.
  • lack of documentation and guides.


  • help,
  • ideas about this subjects.
  • guides if exist.
  • manuals if they exist.
  • examples if they exist

Thank RIOT group in advance , and I want to thank again emule for his collaboration.