Cortex M33 support

Hi everyone,

Is anybody working / wanting to work on Cortex M33 support? Currently there are no chips available for the general public. AFAICT Nordic and NXP are the only ones with pre-production parts.

I'm trying to get samples from both. It would be great if we could have at least some basic support for when the devices reach the market.

Also, if somebody has closer contact with either Nordic or NXP, it would be great.


Juan Ignacio Carrano


Not M33, but Microchip is also selling an evaluation board with an M23.



PS: I'm not working on it.

Excellent. The basic CPU support for box cortex should be roughly the same (something like "armv8_common"), am I right?

I wonder how many of the new features are usable in RIOT. The stack limit seems interesting.



A crucial feature about this new arch is the availability of secure vs non-secure execution environment within the same chip. => we need to design how to leverage these 2 environments (simultaneously) with RIOT.