Coordination for oxidize conference (Berlin, ~2019-04-27)


there will be a conference event embedded systems and IoT development in Rust in Berlin 2019-04-26 to -29 called oxidize[1]. I'm about to enter a presentation on using RIOT as an operating system with Rust applications built atop of it at its CFP.

Given the event, according to the CFP description, "cover[s] broader embedded topics", this might be an interesting event for not directly Rust related embedded operating system development. Therefore:

Would anyone here be interested in coming there, and possibly to help out with general RIOT questions that come up in Q&A, or even to join me for a (30' rather than the 15' I'm planning) combined "*What is RIOT, and* how can it be used with Rust" talk?

Best regards Christian


Hi Christian,

thanks for the heads up! Looks interesting. We could indeed organize such that some RIOTers (whom exactly is t.b.d) would attend to give a talk and answer Q&A.