Contribution to RIOT OS Development

Hello developers

I would like to contribute to RIOT OS as a Google Summer of Code participant for the current year(2016). I am currently an undergraduate in an engineering college(BITS Pilani) in India, majoring in Electronics and Computer Science. I have some experience working with micro controllers and embedded systems, with a fairly good knowledge of C/C++ programming. I am highly motivated and excited to learn any new skills or programming languages required as part of this contribution. Please tell me the required milestones that should be completed before the student application period opens. Any helpful pointers in the right direction would be a good start.


I can't seem to find the list of mentors for GSOC 2016 and sometime back I asked in this mailing list if RIOT-OS would be participating in GSOC 2016, and I was told that it might, but so far I haven't seen any such discussion or announcement in this mailing list. It is also likely that I might have missed such mail, hence please confirm.

Thanks, Kumar Amit Mehta

Hi there,

thanks for your interest !

Yes, it is probable that RIOT participates as mentoring org for GSOC 2016. Stay tuned for details, which we will give out as soon we can.

For reference, last year’s application template form can be found at [1] and announcement email [2]. Don’t expect this process to change much this year, and in particular: the first step for applicants is to pick an issue in the issue tracker on GitHub, fix it and pull-request it.

Concerning topics: we will soon announce some (and applicants are free to also propose their own topics).



[1] [2]



Thank you for confirmation.

Thanks, Kumar Amit Mehta