Connection Raspberry Pi and samr21-xpro via 6lowpan

Hello Everybody,

I try to connect a Raspberry Pi equipped with the openlabs 802.15.4 device, to the samr21-xpro board and I want to sniff the resulting network traffic with wireshark.

On the Raspberry Pi there runs a simple TCP-Server. The Server seems to be unable to bind the Socket to the 6lowpan interface due to a missing IP-Adress.

How can I assign an adress to that interface? The usual "ip" and "ifconfig" - commands don't work. I get an operation not supported error.

Looking forward hearing from you.


Hi Simon,

did you try to set the IPv6 address for the lowpan0 or the wpan0? (lowpan0 is the right one)

Best regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

I tried on both. I get with: "ip -6 addr add 2001::1/64 dev lowpan0" Operation not supported.

Best regards,      Simon


sudo modprobe ipv6 is your friend here :slight_smile:

Raspbian doesn't load the IPv6 support module automatically on boot.

Best regards, Martin


if you start getting unexpected "device or resource busy" errors, try to restrict ifplugd to eth0.