conn f2f (+ remote) meeting

Hi all, we finally want to discuss the overhaul of conn next week. The meeting will be held on Wednesday next week (August 17th) at 1pm (UTC+0200). Remote participation will be possible, we'll try to find a tool that everyone is comfortable with.

I'll provide you with an agenda for the meeting until Monday and post it here. For reference until then (if you want to read through it) there is the discussion in PR 5533, with some rough summary of the discussion so far in [1]. For reference here is Kaspar's sock API, which was also discussed and taken as basis for some of the work in the PR.

Cheers, Martine

[1] [2]

Hi, as promised: here is the agenda for the meeting next Wednesday:

Cheers, Martine

Hi, are there any objections to have the meeting for the Berlin people at FU and let the rest join via Mumble [1]?

If not: please state if you like to join the meeting (physically or virtually) so I can plan for a room if need be or expect you in the virtual room.

Cheers, Martine


Mi Martine,

no objections from my side. I would like to join virtually.

Regards Peter


the meeting will start at 1pm sharp (so please set-up your mumble well before that, if you haven’t yet). Those of you who like to join me at FU Berlin: I’ll be in office 105. Everyone else: the mumble server to connect to is at, the password is “riot”.

Regards, Martine

Hey folks,


2016-08-17 19:28 GMT+02:00 Oleg Hahm <>:

Hey folks,

as promised: here is the agenda for the meeting next Wednesday:

thanks for the protocol, but is a bit hard to follow as a non-attendee. Could anyone come up with a short summary and, in case you concluded on a particular API, could present how it should look like?

already reworked it to a more readable form (just waited for some comments by the attendees) [1]


  • reworked API will be called sock not conn to keep them distinguishable when talking about it / porting it
  • UDP/IP will have a somewhat reduced function set (convenience functions are dropped)
  • TCP will have a queue type for listening
  • create functions for all will receive a flags parameter so options that need to be done before binding can be passed

For reference I will adapt #5533 today


Cheers, Martine

Application Layer API Meeting 1

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I’ve made a new PR for the sock API: Ports for stacks and applications will be provided in seperate PRs.

Cheers, Martine