Commercial products based of RIOT

Dear All

I am doing a literature survey on the commercial applicability of RIOT rtos. Can you please help me with some relevant pointers on Commercial products which are based of RIOT rtos ?

Thanks and regards Samir

Hi Samir,

for this, I suggest you take a look at the companies that have given a talk at the last RIOT Summit. See: and

Some examples of products and deployments using RIOT that I have seen recently (available or announced) range from environmental sensors bundled with cloud backend services [1] [2], to smart board diagnostic in the automotive industry [3], and from IoT business logic orchestration [4] to low-cost low-power communication modules [5].

There is certainly more out there (feel free to chip in with additional info!).






[4] [5]

Hi Samir,

one product that's in development is the Sleeping Beauty [1], a GPS tracking device with an integrated GSM modem.