Colorized compiler output not for Emacs users


Since commit 2811adc0 we get colorized gcc output. Hmm. That's unfortunate for Emacs users (I'm probably one of the very few). Emacs parses the compiler output and now it cannot match the error messages anymore.

Would it be possible to add some variable to disable the coloring? (There's more than just this GCC diagnostics-color.) Something like DONOT_COLOR. This would be in the same category as QUIET, I guess.

But really, I'm curious what people use to develop RIOT-OS. VIM?, Eclipse? Atom? Emacs?

Hi Kees,

I was not aware of the compatibility issues for Emacs users when enabling the colored gcc output. So yes, I'd say a conditional flag preventing this on demand is indeed needed. I just opened a PR with that fix [1].

Cheers, Hauke

P.S. AFAIK many in the community actually use VIM for coding. Personally I use sublime-text for most editing...