CoAP examples

Hi RIOT devs,

I know this topic has already been discussed on this list some time ago but since the next release will come soon, I'd like to bring this back. In the current master, we have 3 coap examples: microcoap_server, nanocoap_server and gcoap

IMHO, that would be great to only have one example that shows all the CoAP related features provided by RIOT. For this gcoap is, I think, the best candidate since it provides server and client features, OBSERVE requests and a shell.

There is also a PR [1] that proposed to directly remove the microcoap based example, which I think is not the good solution. I would rather move it to the tests directory and do the same for the nanocoap_server example. Then this would ensure that RIOT remains compatible with microcoap and nanocoap without having too many CoAP examples. Maybe a reference to this tests application could be added in the gcoap example README.

In the end, the change would be to: - move examples/nanocoap_server to tests/pkg_nanocoap - move examples/microcoap_server to tests/pkg_microcoap - update gcoap examples by adding the resources defined in the actual nanocoap_server example (like GET riot/board and riot/mcu)

I wanted to propose a PR for this but want to have your opinion before. So, what do you think of such a change ?




Hi Alex,

thanks for tackling this point.

FYI, and without taking away the heat of the conversation: Previous discussions about this topic can be found in [1].

Cheers, Cenk