Change username in discourse

It’s really a high level problem but: It is possible to change the username here in discourse? I would like to have the same username as in GitHub. So just my name without a dot. I cannot even remember that I could enter the username on my own - or I was just really tired at registration.

Moved to meta, since this is a question about the forum, not RIOT :wink:

To answer your question though:

Go to “Preferences” in the top right menu and hit the pencil besides your username.

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Just missed the Meta section. It is quite clear that it fits here.

For me there is no pencil besides my username.


@janosbrodbeck: Fixed it for you, don’t forget to log in with your new username if you use it for authentication.

This will be a very confusing thread for new readers :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Let’s hope all others just do it right straight away and don’t need this thread.

what is the conclusion? only admins or moderators can change usernames? would be good to document the solution …

Okay, and after this last post, which is my first reply/topic, I cannot change my username anymore: image

So after you posted or replied on the forum you can no longer change your username. :man_shrugging:

See also this discussion. Apparently, in the past it was quite traumatic to change user names due to mentions, but this seems to have been fixed. However, the discourse devs still suggest to leave renaming of users to mods and admins so it does not happen all too often to avoid confusions such as these. Does this sufficiently conclude this topic?

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to make a very long discussion short: if you want to change your username, contact @admins

[… Contact @admins] or the @moderators.