CC1352 sub-1-ghz support


My goal is to use a TI launchpad CC1352R1 for a 6LoWPAM network in the 868 band. The gnrc_networking example worked for native target but not for the launchpad. There was no output for the ifconfig command. I am using RIOT 2022.4 for my testing. On gitbub I found the issue #13295. Does RIOT support sub-1-ghz for CC1352 devices?

Regards Raphael

Yes that pull request is not merged yet, you could check out @jeandudey’s branch and use that. I still hope we can get that merged eventually, not sure what’s the state of the driver in that branch though.

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately the branch do not compile. RIoT does support many boards, but how can I figure out which board support a specific feature like sub-1-ghz? Could you recommend a board supporting sub-1-ghz for the 868 band?

AFAIK the only sub-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers RIOT supports are at86rf212b and at86rf215. Boards with that are samr30-xpro, mulle and openmote-b.

There are also cheap CC1101 modules that can be connected via SPI for both the 868 MHz and and 433 MHZ band, but those are not IEEE 802.15.4