Building for AVR MEGA128


Just started with RIOT today. trying to build for atmega128, what is the build instructions?

Regards, Nabendu

Hi Nabendu,

You would have to port the platform first I’m afraid. RIOT does not currently have support for it. Please have a look here to find a more suitable platform:

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Nabendu, as Ludwig already pointed out, there is currently no support for the atmega128. However, there is an open PR for an atmega2560 [1], our first supported 8-bit μC. It probably would be a good starting point for you to port the atmega128, if you want to.

Kind regards, Martine



there are still some open issues (most important should be that memory corruption issue you'll find in the comments of the PR) , but being the one that created the PR, my guess is that the porting should be relatively easy. Most likely you would only habe to copy boards/arduino-mega2560 and cpu/atmega2560 and make adjustments to the Makefile.include and periph_conf.h

WKR Hinnerk


since you asked about building again on the IRC channel:

You might want to read the Wiki, most common questions are answered in it already.

Your specific question for example is answered in the Quick Start Guide:

Cheers, Ludwig