[build system] Using External Modules - Breaking Change

Hi there,

is anyone using external modules? I have opened a pull request (as of now still work in progress) that would change the behavior in a breaking way.

It would technically be possible to keep the current behavior while introducing the new behavior using a different variable and then go through the usual deprecation process. However, I believe that there are few external users for this feature and those would likely directly jump on the behavior, so that no deprecation is needed - especially since the new approach fixes bugs. Migration is done in less than a minute. All details are given in the PR.

So: If you are using external modules, it would be super nice if you could give feedback on whether you need a deprecation period or not.

The change was merged and the documentation has been updated accordingly.

Note: This was a breaking change. All users of the feature we were able to find were however happy with the change, as the migration effort is minimal and the new approach allowed power users to get rid of a number of workarounds.

Feel free to ask here if you have trouble to migrate.