Bridge border router and 6LowPan interfaces


On one SAMR21 (A), I set up the gnrc_border_router so I've got two interfaces (with at86rf2xx and SLIP). I've got another SAMR21 (B) with gnrc_networking example. When I send an UDP packet from B to A, is it possible to bridge the two interfaces on A in order to receive my UDP packet on my linux interface "tun0" ? I couldn't find how to do it on those examples and I think this is a really important feature for a border router.


Hello Baptiste,

yes it's possible. Please see my comment here [1]. To get the context you can also read ~1-2 comments above and below that. I am not sure currently if we have a wiki entry or a README for that. Will look at it later.

I hope that helps!

Cheers, Cenk