Border Router using tunslip error

Hello Riot. My hardware is STM32 + CC1101, i was able to ping, send udp packet between them. Now I trying to make a small example with 2 board, one as border router connected to my PC via tunslip (using gnrc_border_router example), and one CoAP server (using microcoap_server). My goal is to reach CoAP server from my PC using Copper.

I do exactly step in gnrc_border_router README [1] section tunslip, but in my PC i can't ping to border router or microcoap_server, using.
- ping6 2001:db8::2 (border_router)
- ping6 2001:db8::ff:fe00:5 (microcoap_server)
I was enabled debug in gnrc_tunslip.c and see it received and sent packet normally, and tun0 RX,TX packet change in ifconfig when i ping. Is there a step that I'm missing, please help.
[1]: [](

Hi, did you checkout the newest version of RIOT (master)? The `example/gnrc_border_router` example was overhauled to use `ethos` (ethernet over serial-line) instead of slip. In addition to circumvent weird errors, because slip is address-less (and the only link-layer of that kind we support so far), it allows for multiplexing shell-input and ethos packets over the same UART. It also comes with a lot of tools for auto-configuration (see updated README).

Cheers, Martine