Booting my App from USB.

Hello from Greece. I just finished my app on RIOT RTOS, and all I want now is to make a binary file with the .elf file that I created, in order to be able to boot directly to a VM or from a USB. How can I do that? It is of much importance. Thanks!


I am uncertain what you mean by "boot to a VM" and "from a USB".

Currently RIOT is meant neither for running virtual machines nor for running on virtual machines. Booting from USB is generally not supported by any of the target platforms of RIOT.

What are you trying to achieve? What hardware do you intend to run your application on, and what purpose does it have?

Cheers, Ludwig

PS: Technically, RIOT does have a target platform that enables you to run RIOT on a VM, namely x86/QEMU. If you want to run your application on that platform you just type `BOARD=qemu-i386 make clean all term` and off it goes. But as I wrote above, I have the vague impression this is not what you want.