Boarder router using tunslip from contiki

I understand that riot really doesn’t have a border router implementation yet. What I’m thinking about doing in the short term is to setup a raspberry pi or similar, then use a USB stick or something similar to create a TTY device, then setup tunslip. Does this sound reasonable?

I just need something to bridge the network so that I can poll the sensor network, or have the sensor network broadcast readings on an interval to a REST API.

Hi Matt, actually we have a border router. The implementation is just unmaintained (and very probably not working) currently. But I was planning to re-instate it in the next weeks. The idea you proposed is actually how it was done in the original implementation. The plan is to first review the 6LoWPAN-ND part of the Border Router functionalities (since ND needs to be overhaulted anyways) and then abstracting the original implementation to a transceiver so that the IPv6-only part can be used by something other than TTY, too.

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Oh and you can find the tool to put the tty-stuff into the TUN in dist/tools/linux-border_router