Blinky for ReMote-revb

Not so much of a help request, but an observation from me.

As I said in the other thread, I am currently learning to use RIOT, and I have three different platforms at my disposal (ESP32, ReMote-revb, Z1).

I got the Blinky program running for ESP32 and Z1. However, I failed with the ReMote-revb: None of the LEDs blinked, although there was no error in building, linking, and uploading. To make sure that the LEDs were not broken, I tried a similar program in Contiki, and I saw the LEDs blinking.

I found a solution for RIOT: After adding the line

gpio_init(LED0_PIN, GPIO_OUT);

as the first line of the main function, the LED0 started to blink. This line seems to be required. It is not required for Z1, however, and the ESP32 board does not offer a LED anyway.

Confirmed, probably something to do with the LED init rework. Thanks, for the report!

Ah those boards provide a custom led_init() (to show a boot-up animation), but they no longer initialize the GPIOs (got lost during the LED auto-init rework).

I think in most cases we actually don’t want a boot-up animation as that just consumes time and energy, so dropping the custom led_init() would be the easiest fix here.

I created #19348 that does just that.