Biweekly virtual meeting

Hi RIOTers!

As we agreed in a local meeting at FU I was proposed as “the biweekly virtual guy” in order to retake this habit of biweekly virtual meetings.

Therefore, I have proposed an agenda for the next meeting that is accessible here:

Feel free to add the subjects of your interest.

Sincerely yours,


Hi, I'm not sure I'll make it in time, since I have an appointment at 1pm, but I'll join as soon as I'm home.

Cheers, Martine


OK, a PlaceCam session should available for the meeting.



Hej everyone,

here is the PlaceCam link for joining the meeting:

  • See you there, Hauke

Hej everyone,

please re-join, link is the same.

Cheers, Hauke

Hi folks!

Thanks for attending this meeting.

The minute of this meeting can be found at: As well as in the wiki page.

For the next meeting (on march 23) there is already a proposed agenda: Feel free to add the subjects of your interest.

Thanks again!



Hi Paco, thanks for hosting this meeting! Can we please use the RIOT-pad again? I think that helps a lot to keep those organized (and prevents changes to the minutes by random people). Oleg do you still have the access data to it?

Cheers, Martine