Biweekly Meeting

Dear released IOTlers,

please note that the today's biweekly meeting will happen as usual at 2am MEST). The agenda can be found at Feel free to add more topics or amend the existing ones.

The major topic for the meeting will be the planning for the next release (based loosely on the words of a famous German football coach: "after the release is before the release").

The PlaceCam-link for participation is:

As usual see the Wiki for instructions on joining in [1]

Cheers, Oleg



Minutes from today's meeting can be found at, topics for the next meeting can be collected at

Cheers, Oleg

Hello Rioter's,

I'm just looking to visit Berlin in the coming weeks and wondering if there was a 'best' time.

I'm from Australia and made it into the JiC StarCube IoT Incubator in the Czech-Republic. It's just a 3-month duration program and I'll be finished in December.

So before I finish, I'd like to make it to Berlin given that I'm now less than 500km away.

Any idea's on the best times to visit?

btw, I make IoT hardware that works a lot like lego. It's good for education and teaching the young-folk IoT.



Hi David, in Berlin, we have for example a weekly meeting on Monday afternoon, where you could participate in, and maybe give a small talk about your activities which we could then discuss. How about that? If it works for you on one week where you are around, then I’ll send you the details. Let me know, Best, Emmanuel

Thanks for the offer - that would work for me.

Recently I've gone fulltime on and have come over to Europe to check the IoT scene over here.

Although I've been a little quiet on Riot I'm keen to do more to help out if I can.