Atmel SAM R21 port


I am a new member in the RIOT community and I would like to create a port for the dev board Atmel SAM R21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit. Is there somebody already working on, or able to work with me to make this port ?


Hi Maxence,

Welcome to the RIOT =)

I don't have or know the board, but I'd like to take the opportunity to point you to our porting guide:

It's far from perfect, but should help you get started. Don't hesitate to improve it while you progress.

Also: Don't hesitate to ask here when you run into troubles.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Maxence,

I also welcome you to the RIOT community!

I have looked a little bit into the Datasheet of the samr21, it looks to be a quite promising platform for RIOT! We do not have support for yet, though. BUT we do have support for the radio device that is used on the SoC as well as generic support for the cortex-m0 and peripheral support for the sam3x (used on udoo and arduino-due).

So if you intend to (and I fully encourage you to do so!) port RIOT to this new platform, I would suggest the following steps:

  1. copy the board/arduino-due and the cpu/sam3x8e
  2. adjust all namings, paths and doxygen
  3. adjust obvious defines and linkerscript
  4. look into the preipheral drivers and adapt them if needed
  5. have a look at the ‘iot-lab_M3’ board for the usage of the ‘at86rf231’ driver (but also look for new PRs, as Thomas is just overhauling this driver…).

And of course let us know if you need any assistance!

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Maxence,