Atmel R21

Dear all! After following all the tutorials on the net for Atmel R21 as BR in Riot ,with serial connection , I cannot ping the Inteface 6 of the BR, which is the interface from both linux and R21.Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Hi Ilias!

There are work in progress on the BR right now.

You can look at [1] in order to get a version of a BR using only one serial connection.

Otherwise you can try the "classical" way which is to use another serial interface on the R21 and a SLIP connection. You can find more details here [2].



[1] [2]

Thank you very much now I can ping the serial interface(I used the first one). My problem now is that I cannot ping the other(wireless interface[interface 5]).

Hej Ilias,

you could have a look at this wiki page [1] and adapt it accordingly. Hope that helps!

Cheers, Hauke


Dear Hauke, Thank you for your reply. I am newbie(4months) to WSN and the first thing I saw was [1] (fan of watr) and [2], unfortunately in both I had the same error :

tunslip6: serial_to_tun: write: Invalid argument ifconfig tun10 down netstat -nr | awk ‘{ if ($2 == “tun10”) print "route delete -net "$1; }’ | sh

The only that seemed to work was Kaspar’s [3] but I am not able to ping the node(Computer->BR->Node), I read the bug list ,I changed the fibroute,ncache entries that the ping message could be delievered and sent back still nothing . Thank you!

[1] [2] [3]