Are there users of avsextrem?


are there still users of the board avsextrem? I'd like to create a PR to drop support for it. I believe this is again a board with no users left.

Kind regards, Marian

Dear Marian,

the avsextrem is a MSB-A2 with acceleration sensor and open for different power sources intentionally for mobile/outdoor use. When I left there have been 100-200 sensors at FU Berlin, but I don’t know if they are in use.

I would suggest to look for the differences between MSB-A2 and avsextrem and decide if it’s worth the PR. If I remember correctly only the CC1101 was internally connected to another SPI, and some more LEDs.

Best regards, Marco


we still do have some of these boards at FU, but I have not touched some for some years now. With the `f4vi1` there was also a successor developed at FU, so I think the avsextrem is rarely being used anywhere around here?!

If no one else from FU is raising a hand, I would think it is ok to drop support for now. If ever someone has the need to use the avsextrem again, it is very easy to re-add support as long as we keep the `msba2` supported.

Cheers, Hauke