Arduino Uno Rev4 Support


I wanted to ask if the latest Arduino Uno Rev 4 is supported by RIOT, I have looked through the supported boards and it seems like it’s not there, however if we look at the specs of this board (it runs an Arm Cortex M4 and has an esp32-based wifi module) I thought that using a board configuration for the same MCU could work fine.

Has anyone tried running RIOT on that particular microcontroller? Or is there some board name that I should use which is equivalent to the new Rev 4?

Thank you, Szymon

Hello @SzymonKubica,

Currently RIOT does not support Arduino R4 board yet. I think it won’t be too hard to run RIOT on the esp32 side. However, it will be a little bit more hard on the Cortex M4 side as we don’t support any Renesas microcontroller yet.

I encourage you to create an issue on github that could be used to gather people interested in adding support to this board.

Cheers, Dylan

Hello @dylad

Thank you for your response. I will create an issue and see if there are more people interested in running RIOT on this board.

Thanks, Szymon

Hi, as it has a Cortex-M4 core, you can use the already existing port for this family in this OS (I’m FreeRTOS user, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Just pay attention to the compiler chain, as it isn’t the same to compile with GCC than IAR than Keil (mainly because of the linker file).

Renesas website has plenty of tools and bundles that might help you: