Arduino Nano 33


is there support for the Nano 33 series of boards?

Thanks, Lars

Hi Lars,

Sorry for the late reply.

I've just opened a pull request [1] that is adding support for the board you mention. The port is incomplete though: it lacks support for the LSM6DS3 sensor, the crypto module (both available on I2C) and for the U-Blox NINA W102 wireless module because of missing drivers. But these can be added in separate PRs and easily added later to the board default configuration.

For the other boards in the series ([2] for example), they are based on a nRf52840 MCU so I think they could be adapted from the adafruit-nrf52840 that is already supported by RIOT. I haven't tried yet but I have a couple of them, so I'm planning to do it soon.



[1] [2]