Arduino Mega flashing


I'm trying to flash the default example on the mega but the dude has a timeout, can someone reproduce that?


$ lsusb Bus 001 Device 025: ID 2341:0042 Arduino SA Mega 2560 R3 (CDC ACM)

$ file /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyACM0: character special (166/0)

$ BOARD=arduino-mega2560 make clean all flash term rm -rf /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/examples/default/bin/arduino-mega2560/ Building application default for arduino-mega2560 w/ MCU atmega2560. "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/cpu/atmega2560 "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/cpu/atmega2560/periph "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/cpu/atmega_common "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/boards/arduino-mega2560 "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/core "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/drivers "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/auto_init "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/lib "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/ps "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/posix "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/shell "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/shell/commands "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/timex "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/uart0 "make" -C /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/sys/vtimer     text data bss dec hex filename    16052 996 1128 18176 4700 /home/c/git/riot/RIOT/examples/default/bin/arduino-mega2560/default.elf avrdude -p m2560 -c stk500v2 -P /dev/ttyACM0 -b 115200 -F -U flash:w:bin/arduino-mega2560/default.hex avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout

I found the problem: it was my displays shitty usb hub...

Best Christian