Adding a board based on a supported CPU

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I would like to know if there is a guide for adding a new board based upon a supported CPU architecture. If not I will spend time to figure out based on an existing board, however since I don’t have much time to spare these days I would appreciate if you guys had some documentation to help speed up the process.

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Hi Peter, Not sure if there is a written guide for it, but the easiest way to add a new board using an already supported cpu is in my opinion to duplicate an existing board using that same CPU. The next step is to update the configuration in periph_conf.h to match the pins that the new board is using. You may need to alter the board.h configuration as well, but not always. That should give you a basic working config. If both the original board and the new board uses openocd for debugging and flashing you may need to adapt that configuration to be able to use make flash for flashing the board. Hope this helps getting you going on your board port.

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Hi Peter,

take a look here:

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