ADC on SAMR21-xpro

Hi Rioters, I’ve some troubles about using the ADC on the SAMR21-XPRO board. At now, i’ve added the libraries and required features for it, it compiles and i can use the “periph_adc” test, but i’m not able to find which GPIO are used for the ADC.

In less words, i need an help to start using the ADC lines for a moisture sensor.

I’ve found the watr-li tutorial (, but is deprecated.

There is someone who can drive me about it?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Alessandro,

what is your code base? If you have adapted this PR (as I proposed some time ago)

it should be PA6, PA7, PA8, PA9, PB2, PB3 according to the ADC channel. Compare this configuration:

Best regards Peter