About RIOT support filesystem

Dear all: Resently, We’ll evaluate an operating system for IOT,Search some releated information through Internet, we found that NUTTEX and RIOT are more suitable for us,But RIOT maybe not support filesystem,Could you please help us to confirm that whether RIOT support filesystem(eg: FAT/FAT16/FAT32,yaffs or ubifs!) or filesystem is already in development? thanks o lot!!

Hello, Work is being done to add file system capabilities to RIOT. Currently there is a proposed change which adds SPIFFS (https://github.com/pellepl/spiffs) support to RIOT. The changes are not yet merged with the master branch, but the goal is to get them into master soon. I have unfortunately been a bit too busy with other tasks at work to be able to work on the VFS parts for the last month or so, but I intend to clean it up and finish the PR as soon as I get some spare time. The OTAKeys people have been very active with their SPIFFS and MTD parts and I get the feeling they might already be using it in their own code.

There was some talk about adding FAT support, but I think the active developers have been too busy with other parts of the system to write that part yet.

Relevant open pull requests: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/5616




Best regards, Joakim