About introduction and getting started with GSoC 2015 Project Ideas


I am Pankaj, Masters student from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. I am pursuing my masters in Geo-informatics and have completed my B. Tech in Information Technology.

I am interested to work on GSoC Project Idea: “Support for Bluetooth Low Energy”. I am comfortable programming in C and have knowledge about IoT based systems related to Geo-spatial domain.

I would be thankful if I could know - How can I get started with the project idea mentioned above? How can I get some bugs to solve to make myself comfortable with this whole idea of RIOT?

Thanking You.

Hi Pankaj,

thanks for your interest and welcome to RIOT! Sorry for the late response, something must have gone wrong in organization. To get comfortable with RIOT and the workflow in our community you can scroll through our wiki pages [1], read our contributing guidlines [2] and development procedures [3]. The best way to start contributing is to pick one open issue [4] which is marked as ‘Newbie-Task-Candidate’ .

Also there will be a virtual meeting today @ 14:00 CET. Please follow [5] to see how to participate the call.

Would you mind using the devel-mailing list for further discussions?

Cheers, Peter

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]