A2 Project Details

Hi all, I see a new project (A2: Intelligently Interacting Light Switches) added to the ideas list and would like to know about hardware requirements and predictive analysis involved in it. Can anyone help me? Thanks Shubham Chhabra

Hi Shubham,

we are using the stm32f4discovery boards for our testing with CAF and C++. However, the board does not have a transceiver. Maybe Martin or Peter can help with that. The r-idge [1] USB dongles enable 6lowpan on desktop hardware, raspberry pis and similar devices. To begin with, I would recommend to get the actors and their work flow running on a desktop first before moving to embedded devices. This eases debugging and helps to get familiar with CAF.

I don’t have any experience with predictive algorithms, so you would have to do some research on that topic.


[1] http://rosand-tech.com/products/r-idge/prod.html