Zephyr RTOS

Hi RIOT experts, any opinions on this: http://linuxgizmos.com/zephyr-a-tiny-open-source-iot-rtos/?

Looks like a very serious competitor.

BR, Drasko

Hi Drasko,

yes, Zephyr looks relevant. It should be looked into in more details.

Some first impressions:

  • Zephyr is not brand new: based on commit history, it looks like an Intel / WindRiver product which has existed for some time.

  • Zephyr’s choice of license (Apache) is surprising for something under the Linux Foundation umbrella which champions (L)GPL licences – for example: RIOT’s license, which is LGPLv2.1.

  • Zephyr supports few boards, and does not seem to target smaller hardware based on 8bit, 16bit, or lower-end 32bit (for instance Cortex M0). On the contrary, RIOT supports all of these, as well as bigger 32bit hardware (Cortex M3, M4, x86)

  • Zephyr seems to impose a mode of operation with a single thread when there is not plenty of memory, contrary to RIOT.

  • Zephyr seems to be using Contiki’s network stack, which in our opinion is suboptimal.

This week some RIOTers have a booth at Embedded World in Nuremberg, where Zephyr also has a booth + talk. Maybe we get some more info at this occasion.

If you (or anyone else) have more infos, impressions or opinions, please share!